Facts About Corona Virus

Facts About Corona Virus

Facts About Corona Virus
Facts About Corona Virus

Coronavirus has become a serious issue now. All the health experts & scientists are working hard to find the vaccination for Coronavirus. Like every country, people & health experts were taking good care. Here you can find the Facts About Corona Virus

Coronavirus Facts

  • Coronavirus cells are very large. It Contains about 400-500 microsize. That’s why, no matter what mask you use, Corona will not affect you.
  • This virus does not remain in the air. Reaches the ground immediately. So, it does not spread through the air.
  • Coronavirus can last up to 12 hours on any metal or surface. then, you wash your hands with soap. which is enough.
  • The infection keeps going just 10 minutes on the hands. Then, it is constantly a smart thought to have a soul-based sterilizer alongside you.
  • corona virus, if left at 26-27 ° C, will die. That is the reason we don’t live in hot spots. Along these lines, drink high temp water and remain in the sun.
  • It is important to avoid cold things like ice cream for years.
  • Disinfect the tonsils by pushing salt and a little turmeric into the boiling water. Thereby preventing coronavirus bacteria from entering the lungs.
  • It is fitting to go to zones where swarming is high for a couple of days.
  • Finally, Taking these precautions can prevent the virus.
  • Please Let’s raise awareness, not fear …

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